A few things I love

Its been too long since my last entry, and I can't promise I'll write any more frequently, but I wanted to share with you two things I love, and for some unknown reason, make me happy:

1) Certain red wines can be desribed as "Big," e.g., I ordered a big California red with incredibly deep berry flavors, to stand up to the complex sauce.

2) I sometimes forget that Johnny, my dog, pictured in my blogger avatar, is well, a dog. Then he'll do something so instinctive - like track down and capture a fly in the house that reminds me that he is, after all, a dog. Incidentally, as slow or sluggish as he may seem at times he is a fly killing machine.



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I don't consider myself to be a terribly superstitious person, but I also like to stack the odds in my favor. After getting my coffee this morning (from Mobil once again) I was making the 5 minute drive to the office. About halfway into the drive a black cat crossed the road in front of me. I didnt want to take the chance of an otherwise pretty-good-morning, so I turned around and took another road to work.


Much ado about Nothing

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Those who know my would probably say I'm level-headed and mild-tempered. I have a deep, ugly secret, however. I get very upset about what some would say are insignificant things. This morning is a prime example. I'm a firm believer of how businesses should go out of their way to get and keep existing customers.

Recently, I made the switch to Bengal Traders coffee which is available at On-The-Go Mobil gas station facilities. I enjoyed the coffee so much (value and great flavor) that I wrote a complimentary letter to the press office at Mobil headquarters. I was also very complimentary about the staff and service when a regional manager was visiting the store recently.

I enjoy my coffee with a lot of whole milk. Not 2%. Not Cream. Not Half/Half. In fact, the proportion of milk:coffee is nearly 1:1 in my ideal cup of coffee.

The Mobil I visit does not supply regular milk in its canister, so over the course of the past month, I take a small container from the milk available for sale and place it in the milk storage area (away from that for sale) and use that milk for nearly a week. This morning I was "caught" doing that, but I didnt even realize what I was doing was wrong. I honestly believed that I was using the store inventory, the same as another person using the cream or skim milk they set out in the coffee station.

The manager, rather than telling me to stop doing that, or better yet, making compromises by stocking the whole milk said that it is not "company policy."

First of all, I absolutely detest when a franchise/subsidiary hides behind "company policy." Second, I hate inflexible people, particularly in the service/retail/hospitality industries. Sadly, I will continue to frequent that store as I enjoy the coffee, and the truth is that they will not miss my business should I leave. I only wish that everyone out there, especially in these industries, could read "Hug your Customers," or any similar book on the importance of paramount customer service.

So, the entire car ride in to the office, Im having this conversation with myself about how I would like to compose a letter to Mobil corporate or the store itself. Sadly, I'll never do it. Equally disappointing is the amount of energy I expend in worrying about these things. I could just as easily bring in my own milk or fill up at work, or perhaps mix skim and half and half.

Thanks for your time,
Craig Kaye


love scene

love scene
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I've been remiss in blogging. I didnt desire for this long of a delay to occur, but here I am, over a week since my last entry, and finally writing to you, my faithful readers (that's a bit of sarcasm that doesnt manifest itself properly over the internet).

Its been a wonderful, emotion-laden, week. I've managed to spend copious amounts of quality time speaking with one of the persons I care about the most, and she, in turn, has caused me to really look deep inside myself to extract feelings about love and life I had never spoken of. If you read this, you know who you are and you know that I absolutely adore you.

I've also learned a few things about blogging - (1) they are meant to be shared, and (2) I really should write as soon as I feel an entry coming about me.

As I sat here, unwinding from the long day before and looking forward to a delicious dinner at my new favorite Vietnamese restaurant (Van's in Albany, should anyone ever be in the area), I was listening to "Love on a Real Train" by Tangerine Dream. The title may not be familiar to many of you, but the tune was prominenly featured in the movie Risky Business with Rebecca de Mornay and Tom Cruise. I also, just realized, that the scene may be one of my all time favorite love scenes in any movie. The song is the cornerstone of Risky Business; it embodies the movie. The song alone stands as a mood masterpiece. I can't say enough about it; it is reason enough to buy the soundtrack if for no other song.

I will write further about my second point above (sharing blogs), but for now, I really wanted to get this down.

Have a wonderful evening,
Craig Kaye


rest in peace

rest in peace
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I really shouldn't be blogging right now but I was was motivated to write because of some sad news traveling through the office. Our secretary just learned that one of her close family members just passed away. I am writing to wish our secretary my blessings and regrets. Unfortunately, I havent shared this blog with anyone, so this will probably fall on deaf ears. Nonetheless, I wish her the best.

My world turned completely upside-down back in 2001 when my Grandmother passed away. As I mentioned in an earlier entry, my Grandparents had raised me so this loss, to me, was tantamount to losing a parent. I still think about her, and losing her, when I learn of someone passing away.

I'm not really good at my choice of what words to offer in these situations. I didnt even go out into the main floor where our secretary is. Instead, I went on the web to search for a picture to accompany this entry. I didnt know the most appropriate picture to use and I typed in things such as "rest in peace." That was a bad idea -- it made me even more sad to view the pictures for lost ones that people may have posted on the web. That got me thinking about my dog, Johnny, and my Grandfather, and the thought of losing them. My Grandfather is at an advanced age (89) but is "sharp as a tack." He is still active as can reasonably be at his age, so I take it for granted that he may not be with me one day. Johnny, as you'll come to learn, is my joy. It'll be hard to explain my misery and sadness when I lose him. He is, for all intents and purposes, "my child."

I dont feel better blogging this entry, but I am offering my condolences to our Secretary and her family, and to those of my readers that lost someone.

With love,
Craig Kaye



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To my faithful readers taking the ____________ State Bar Examination:

Good Luck.

I've done it several times before and I can genuinely identify with the stress you're going through.

If your examinations end today - enjoy the feeling and have a few drinks tonight.

As I write, my brother is sitting for the California Bar Exam. Unfortunately, that is a three day exam so it will be another 27 hours before he can unwind and relax.

Good luck to all.


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Its been a couple days since I last wrote. I really have to make a genuine concerted effort to blog, even just a little, before this new endeavor falls by the way side.

I always think of things I'd like to write about on the car ride into the office, or on the way home, but I guess those thoughts exist in time, and now is not the time I feel like writing about them.

I attach thie picture to talk about something that I recently learned -- my best friend's half-brother is gay. He's in high school and I believe he's a senior this year. Specifically, if you care to understand the thought process for this entry, its because I was looking at the pictures on www.lastnightsparty.com - there are a lot of androgynous people on there including, what I believe, are a lot of gay people. (The link is not work safe, so exercise caution and discretion when surfing that site).

Anyhow, the point of this entry is to gain a better understanding of how "one becomes gay." There is an abundance of evidence that indicates that one is "born gay" but perhaps in my naivete, it was always my understanding that one "turns gay." Im not looking for any particular answers here - just a dialogue.

If one is always gay (i.e., born gay) then when does he (and I mean he in this case) pick up very sterotypical "gay qualities" like the lisp?

I really do not mean to offend ANYONE by this post (in fact, as I'm writing this, Im considering deleting it). I guess I am only seeking some answers or additional insight. If any of my readers can help, please steer me in the right direction.

Incidentally, the way we identified that my friend's half-brother was gay was through the myspace website. There was some discussion amongst his family that he may be gay. My friend did not know of the myspace website and I explained to him that he will likely be on there b/c of his age group (myspace is highly frequeted by 16-30 year olds). We found his profile and there were some highly provocative pictures on there with other men. At first his profile listed his sexual orientation as "no answer" and then later he listed himself as "gay." I recall my friend calling me from dinner announcing somthing like "the cat's out of the bag...check out ______'s myspace."

Thanks to those of you who have taken the time to read my blog. If you do visit, and dont mind doing so, please just leave a simple comment.

Thanks so much,
Craig Kaye


Seriously, WTF?!?

The next time you're having second thoughts about your personal relationship, take heed from Mr. Travis Frey. Frey was arrested for kidnapping his wife. In the course of his prosecution, a "Contract of Wifely Expectations" surfaced where Frey, amongst other things, asked his wife to contractually agree to shaving her legs, when she should be naked, and the types of sex toys he should receive on his birthday. As a token of good measure, Frey did offer his wife chances to win "good behavior days" which were earned by complying with certain demands, such as hygiene and self-care: for example - "You will shave every third day," and "You will be naked within 20 minutes of the kids being in bed."

tampa harbor

tampa harbor
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Okay, I've written off trying to do work today. To paraphrase the saying, "why do today what you can do tomorrow?" I suppose I'll come in on Sunday to catch up - not a major concern especially since football season is over.

Im attaching a picture of Tampa Harbor. There is no significant reason for this other than the fact that I was just there over the weekend. Unfortunately, the weather wasnt much better than what we were experiencing here in NY.

I lived in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale for nearly 13 years, but on rare occasion ever made it to the "Left Coast." I've been to Tampa twice, in fact: once for a weekend at Busch Gardens, and then later for the Florida Bar Exam.

Although the city is ideally located, its really quite run down. It seems much more like "the south" than Miami or Ft. Lauderdale (which is far more like NY than Florida at times - personality-wise).

Our trip to Tampa was perfectly aligned with the Gasparilla Night Parade. I've been explaining it around here as "Tampa's version of Mardi Gras." Although it was entertaining, most of the weekend was spent in crappy clubs and strip clubs.

I went along with two of my friends - one of which is identically like me and would much rather enjoy hanging out in a cool bar. The other friend, a close friend from law school and a person I consider 1 of my 2 best friends, is a "club" type of guy always on the prowl to try to meet women. He also loves strip clubs. As any heterosexual man, I enjoy my strip clubs -- but I just get bored after about 15 minutes. I guess its cause Im so frugal.

Anyways, we went to the "World Famous Mons Venus" club. I dont quite know why its so famous. Its about 800 square feet (i.e. tiny) has no private rooms, and does NOT serve alcohol. The clubs in South Florida are far superior to those and even many clubs in Vegas. They attract a diversity of guests, including a healty compendium of guests that are women.

I dont want to come off as a strip club connoisseur, I guess spending all that time w/ my law school best friend has made me a de facto expert of sorts.

If I go back, I'll be sure to only take along the "other best friend" and also do my best to visit tampa's suburbs (?) including St. Petersburg.

Incidentally, the highlight of my trip was eating at a fabulous barbecue stand called First Choice BBQ. Its located at 10113 Adamo Drive in Brandon, FL (suburb of Tampa). BBQ is one of my favorite foods (up there with sushi and great indian food). I enjoy a smoky meat not lathered in sauce. First Choice did a fine job and I rank it as my third favorite BBQ place behind Fat Matt's (Atlanta) and Shorty's (Miami and Davie, FL).

-Craig Kaye

Over the Caribbean

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Okay, so here's a visualization of the aforementioned American Airlines flight. While most would look down and probably say how relaxing it looks, or how they'd enjoy sipping cocktails on the beach down below, I was in my own little heaven up there at 35,000 feet, listening to a great compilation of "indie" music of which I recall "Short Skirt Long Jacket" by Cake being played.

The back of the AA in-flight magazine published a list of each of the songs being played (looped) on the various channels. I remember tearing out that list and promising to myself that I'd put the playlist together upon my return to Miami. I never did and later found that list tucked away in my "get to later" box while I was packing for my move to NY.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Virgin Blogging

This is no less than the third time I've tried blogging. The first three attempts were painfully unsuccessful, but Im genuinely motivated this time around. The desire to create this blog stems from the following reasons (1) I enjoy reading other people's blogs, (2) Its a chance for me to be really honest with myself, and (3) It gives me a place to write down these thoughts in my head.

At the outset I wanted to explain the blog title, "Unscrambled Eggs." It first struck me as a neat phrase after reading it in Vice Chancellor Parson's opinion in Deloitte v. Jose S. Lamela. The Chancellor wrote "If this [the preliminary injunction] occurs, Deloitte [the plaintiff] is likely to find it difficult to '"unscramble the eggs'"... I later googled the phrase "unscrambled eggs" and was ambivalent at the results -- fortunately it wasn't already someone's blog title, however, it is the title of a book of poetry by Nadia Brown. So Ms. Brown, if you ever stumble across my corner of the Internet, I am giving you all literary credit where due. Its a brilliant title and I've appropriated it for my own selfish use.

There will be no particular emphasis to this blog - in fact, I find it strange that I feel like I'm writing for an audience. The truth is that I may be the only one to read this as its not likely I'll share it with anyone that I know. My desire would be for random persons not within any certain degree of relationship to me to find this blog and, hopefully, enjoy it enough to continue reading it. I have found several blogs this way and continue to enjoy those to this day. If you really do enjoy the blog, I've taken the liberty to activate the RSS feed so that you may be updated with any new entries.

The reason I won't be actively soliciting readers (i.e., friends and acquaintences) is because I plan on using this as a springboard for my immediate thoughts - most of which are never vocalized. So, readers, you are my captive audience for therapy. By no means, however, should this be interpreted by you to think that I'll solely be airing grievances. I'd like this to be a place where I can share my concerns as well as a kick-ass recipe for pizza dough.

You'll come to learn that I'm slightly A.D.D. (self-diagnosed). The reason I firmly believe this is since I really enjoy many different things. Unfortunately, I also start and leave unfinished many things. I love food and travel (pretty much in that order). I enjoy reading about food, cooking it, and eating great dishes. My love of all things food stems from my family background. I hail from a very large extended family where I was, in fact, raised by my Grandparents. Family gatherings were commonplace and food was the focal point. Everyone in my family, men included, can cook very well. It would also be helpful to my readers to know that Im first generation Indian-American. My grandfather emigrated here in the early 1970's and my parents shortly thereafter. The reason this bit of information is important is that I believe my cultural background has helped me appreciate and develop my pallette for certain flavors. Although many, if not most, Indians are vegetarians, my family has always been omnivores. I was enjoying certain "delicacies" well before they were in style now in the finest french restaurants. I recall while growing up that I was embarrased to tell my (american) friends that I had a dinner which consisted of liver, gizzards, lamb, goat, or even lamb brain.

I also love to travel. Frankly, I havent been anywhere too exotic, but I just enjoy the idea of traveling. I like walking around airports, scrambling to get the window seat, plugging in earplugs, and drifting off into a deep sleep. One of my fondest memories was sitting on an American Airlines flight (I LOVE AA) with a great mix of piped in music (the type where you can select a station) and flying at a relatively low altitude over the Caribbean and into Miami. Its just one of those times where "you had to be there" to fully comprehend the entire situation.

Well, I managed to put up a few paragraphs about myself above. I really hope I keep up with this and don't have another "A.D.D. episode." I promise to share a bit more with you all in the near future together with some pictures (food, travels, etc). If you do find my blog, please give me the courtesy of leaving a comment. You can simply say "here" or "read" - I would love to think that someone out there took the time to read this.

Thanks so much,
Craig Kaye